The overly determined | Type

Defining “determined customer” can be tricky. It can be summed up to something simple. They want what they want, and want it now.

When first encountering this type of customer, one can feel that it’s impossible to reason with them. For some that’s very true. Others however, with a bit of work can be reasoned with.

The most common interaction with a “determined customer” tends to start off with a question relating to stock. The interaction will start with the customer asking if an item is in stock. If the customer is told “no” they will almost always ask, “do you have any in the back?”. This is a somewhat pointless question, most stores don't have a “back”. Now when being told that there are none in the back, the customer can respond in a number of ways. The most common being “ok”, “Can I place an order/get a rain check?”, or “what do you mean/you're lying.”. The first two are pretty simple, but the last one, oh boy.

This is where we separate a determined and “determined” customer (we'll call them TDs for truly determined). A customer that responds with “ok” or wishes to place an order are easy to deal with. They want the item, but are willing to work with the store and wait, or go somewhere else. Now when a customer answers with “what do you mean?/you're lying.”, things can get weird.

TDs can go beyond just item stock. They can ask for something after that department is closed, want to pay for lottery tickets with card (lottery tickets are cash only in the US), buy something with out an ID (they get real nasty), or do something illegal with their money involving a money transfer service (they get super nasty).

Now having seen quite a number of TDs, that also means I have seen some extreme reactions, and odd reactions. That includes a few who refused to believe that the store was closed. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to reason with a TD. The best way to get them to go away is to just stand your ground, and get a manager if they ask.

Dealing with a TD can be tricky. You might just think they are just dim, I can assure you reader, we have yet to cover those (I've had someone tell me they were sending money to buy drugs, and didn't understand why I told them I couldn't send money for that.). As I've said, you just have to stand you ground and think, “this will make a good story online”. (That thought will get you through almost anything.)